“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

So said Ferris Bueller in 1986. Since then life has gotten a whole lot faster. Facebook, Google, Amazon, Snapchat, T’internet, the end of the Cold War, the start of the next, Mobile, Digital, Uber, Alexa, AI…. and on.

In the fog of this perpetual change it’s harder than ever to think clearly and concisely. So I decided to write stuff down. Because if you write it, you’ve thought it, and then you can read it and edit it.

What is a Broom?

Basically a blog post. I see the process of writing and synthesising information as the same as using a broom to sweep up mess to reveal clarity underneath.

What do I write about?

Anything that I’m interested in or care about. But typically: marketing, design, innovation, creativity, productivity and perspective.

Who am I?

Check out here for more, but in a nutshell I work in marketing. I’ve worked in big ad agencies, blue chip companies and household charities. But I’ve also worked in the cramped offices of Westminster politicians and in the startup behind Barack Obama’s digital election campaigns. At each step I’ve met smart people and made sure to learn from them.

This blog represents that learning and the learning I’ve yet to do. Enjoy 🙂